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Magical Suite Prism Nana (まじかるすいーと プリズム・ナナ Majikaru Suiito Purizumu Nana?) is a Studio SHAFT animated series, which has little confirmed about it at this point in

A Preview picture featuring the three main Nanas.

time. What is known of Magical Suite Prism Nana is that it is indeed not a Magical series, but a series about girls with abnormal lives. The story revolves around the three main characters, elemental "Nanas", who fight monsters.


  • Recenly, the Seiyuu's the for the three main girls have been confirmed. Itaru will be voice by Suzuko Mimori, Asuka will be voiced by Asami Imai, and Kotone will be voice by Eri Kitamura.

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Itaru Washioka (鷲岡 至 Washioka Itaru?)/Heat Nana (ヒートナナ Hiito Nana?)
Itaru is a happy-go-lucky girl who is the leader of the group and the elemental Heat Nana. She wishes to one day fly a rocket into outer space. Her main weapon is a gauntlet she wears on her left arm.

Asuka Asagi (浅木 飛鳥 Asagi Asuka?)/Earth Nana (アースナナ Aasu Nana?)
Asuka is polite girl who is the elemental Earth Nana. Her main weapon is a bow and arrow.

Kotone Oribe (織部 琴音 Oribe Kotone?)/Splash Nana (スプラッシュナナ Supurasshu Nana?)
Kotone is a shy girl who likes singing and the elemental Splash Nana. Her main weapon is an electric guitar.

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